Sharon Mossbeck


Sharon is a UK based artist who creates contemporary art cross-stitch and paintings.

Her work focuses on both death and religion.

Other influences come from medicine and history.

She also hosts workshops, curates exhibitions and gives guest talks and lectures.

She creates work based on quotes.

Her work is illustrative and striking.

“The heart of a heartless world and the soul of  soulless conditions”




Ian Lowey

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 15.09.15Ian lowey.

He completed an Ma in design and art direction at MMU.

When he’s asked what he does for a living, he struggles to give a coherent answer, it’s because he does a lot of different things which are interlinked.

Icon magazine: He has just had an article on psychedelic-era in the November issue of icon magazine. He has an article scheduled for publication sometimes in November on the aesthetics of hot rod culture.

Planet vintage girl: He undertakes social media and marketing duties for a vintage retail outlet. Also involved in a art direction role. He enjoys not being immediately able to define himself, also that he is able to apply himself to different roles to keep life interesting. By doing different projects it can lead to other opportunities and a wider creative context.

Sociological explanation: The book covers punk and psychedelic graphics, the book was written with his long-term creative partner. He drew upon research undertaken as part of an earlier project. I thought that this lecture was interesting because I like to combine various art forms to create my work and I liked hearing about how he managed his time and how one project lead to another.