I found that by using my notes that I had from the fine art interim useful because it helped me to think of the key points within this particular piece of work. I had chosen to talk about my four chalkboards because I feel that even at an early stage leading towards the degree show, the boards completely show the direction that I want my degree show to go in, due to the language and aesthetic look of the pieces and that is what I explained whilst in the interview. Instead of bringing the boards into the interview, I had carefully photographed the boards and projected them all together onto a screen. I explained the reason why I didn’t bring my boards into the interview was because I liked the boards being exhibited along an empty wall space and if I was to take them out of that environment then they wouldn’t look as interesting. As I presented my work on the screen it brought to my attention new possibilities of presenting my work and what effect that might have on an audience.


Elizabeth Kealy-Morris’ exhibition.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.07.09.png This exhibiton inspired me to create my own books, to consider the whole aesthetic of the books so that the whole object becomes part of my artwork. There were a variety of different books created and different types of art forms and media used to create them. The books also inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and make consider using printmaking to create the work within the books.