Tate gallery:Liverpool 

I have already been researching the work of Cy twombly within the studio practice module but it was interesting to see the work close up. I think the use of the white repeated script and the dark background really works well together. This work inspired me to create the chalkboards; using a visual language to create an intriguing piece of artwork.By viewing  the actual artwork, it made me consider how I should display my own work for the degree show.I like the use of mixed media within the artwork; it reminds me of something you’d see in a sketchbbook; a range of ideas collected together to create one big piece of artwork, there’s a lot to see but each part from the text to the household items intrigued me, it’s made from simple objects, yet it’s telling a prominent political story.Detailed drawings, yet they are surreal and quite comical. Again, to gain attention as it’s to reflect on political history.


Photography Collaboration.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.29.21.png Myself and photographer Tiff Critchley (studies single honour photography) got approached by the students from fashion to take some pictures for their clothing lines that they will be using for their final submission, and to use in catalogues etc. They requested that the images would be quite natural, not too posed or staged, yet photographs that completely show the whole outfit. We had taken the images on the grounds of the military museum in chester town centre, somewhere where it was quiet and had grand architecture. This was my first time working alongside another photographer doing a combined project. I thouroughly enjoyed it and it had taught me a lot about collaboration and time management. We had a team of the fashion students that we were working with, models and a make up artist, we didn’t really know each other at first but as the day progressed we began to get to know each other and therefore we started to gain more contacts within the industry and now we are still keeping in touch with each other and therefore hopefully work on more projects together i the near future.

Open Eye Gallery Liverpool

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.29.15This is an installation that had been placed on the second floor in the open eye gallery. I was particularly drawn to this piece because within my art practice I create installations and was looking for inspiration to move my ideas forward. I think its interesting how every-day items which you would see on a regular basis becomes so significant when communicating a message to the viewers. There has been clever ideas used such as when I lifted the phone I could hear someone talking down the other end of it, also on the television there was a video playing on a loop; I like the idea of the video possibly meaning to be the most important part of the installation yet at first glance I noticed the whole space and objects surrounding it, it really gave a sense of intruding someones personal space, it felt like I was instantly drawn into that narrative and that is exactly I want to do when creating my artwork for the degree show; I want people to be drawn into the whole space rather than just one particular object. Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.00.31 This is another piece that inspired me because of the way the magazines have been displayed; it’s a unique way of exhibiting the pieces but it ties in with the theme of the magazine and that is something I should consider when working towards the degree show.