Promotional Material

I want to create two separate buisness cards for both my art and photography work because my work for each subject is different so therefore I would like a different design on each business card to reflect that. For my art one, maybe create a few designs based on previous work that I have created and add my details, maybe create and include a logo. I want my photography business card to have maybe a photographic image that I have previously taken on the front with my name on it with my contact details on the back. I might also create a small catalogue or leaflet with a range of my works that I feel that have importance to my practice but are not exhibited at the degree show.


Selecting final images for the degree show 

At first I wanted to exhibit 6 A3 images for the degree show. After careful consideration I decided to have only 4, but change the size to A3 plus so the size of each image is slightly bigger. I wanted to have a small boarder around the edges of each image. I decided to have two images that have been used with flash-the ones which were taken in a studio environment with objects surrounding the dolls. The other two images taken without the flash that only really focus on the two dolls, but with a barrier between them in the form of the plastic and cardboard box. I now need to consider how I want to exhibit these images, whether that would be to pin them to the wall or exhibiting them in frames. 

New York, New York

Whilst on a university trip to New York, I really began to realise how diverse New York is, it has a range of people living there from all different backgrounds, both rich and poor. It’s a lot to take in and overwhelming but it was really good to be a part of a different culture. As it is highly populated i realised it would be quite competitive to live here in terms of making it as an artist but I still enjoyed applying my art and photography skills by walking around and taking pictures of things that interested me and also making drawings. Whilst in New York we visited the Guggenheim where there was a variety of different works from all around the world. I was intrigued by the interior of the building also, the whole gallery appealed to me as well as the artwork exhibited there.

Art and photography collaboration

When creating my photography work I wanted to create a small environment which was already there, as if the dolls were intruding the space. I went into the fine art studio and wandered around until I came across a small installation that one of the fine art students had created so I decided to ask her if I could use it to take pictures. This was a good way of combining both of our work, something which has been created as an art installation but then for me to add objects to then expand the idea for a photography project. This is something which I could consider in the future as I am currently studying both fine art and photography, combining both subjects. 

Ideas for my photography degree show

After creating 20 photoshoots for my photography portfolio, I decided it would be a good idea to edit down final possibilities based on the 6 images I would like to display. I have taken shoots in both a studio and outside. I even approached some art students and asked if I could take pictures of the dolls within their artwork,as if the dolls are actually interacting and within that environment, so it would be a good opportunity to collaborate and put out work together. I have decided that out of all of the photoshoots that I have done, the ones where the dolls are in an actual environment where things are going on are the ones that I will be exhibiting, because people will connect with those everyday environments and a lot more humour will be projected through the images rather than the ones staged in the studio. 

Two more chalkboards 

I have created another two chalkboards. I wanted to create two more because I wanted to create chalkboards that looked less chaotic as the previous four that I had made. I wanted to combine both physics and boilogical imagery. Again, the imagery isn’t a direct representation of science, but I wanted it to appear as if it is. I started by adding the gridlike diagram by simply drawing straight lines onto the boards then adding markings that look similar to circuit diagrams, I wanted to use white pencils because I wanted the lines to not be smudged, I wanted them to look precise and as if I had carefully thought about the structure of the lines. I also wanted to create a focal image for each board, something that the viewer would be instantly drawn to, compared to the chaotic look of the four chalkboards I had previously created. I wanted to use a range of different media for the focal images, such as graphite, chalk,white pastel and black pastel to add depth and create a variety of tones, as if the image is a 3D representation. I also used a putty rubber to create a glow around each focal image, to make the images appear to have importance to make the viewers recognise the markmaking aswell as wondering if it represents something which is academic. 

Vitamin D book.

This book helped me gain knowledge within drawing, drawings has always been my strongest point within my fine art practice and I thought that it would be a good idea to research more into it. The book is also full of artists who’s work I have looked at as reference for my studio practice module.