Two more chalkboards 

I have created another two chalkboards. I wanted to create two more because I wanted to create chalkboards that looked less chaotic as the previous four that I had made. I wanted to combine both physics and boilogical imagery. Again, the imagery isn’t a direct representation of science, but I wanted it to appear as if it is. I started by adding the gridlike diagram by simply drawing straight lines onto the boards then adding markings that look similar to circuit diagrams, I wanted to use white pencils because I wanted the lines to not be smudged, I wanted them to look precise and as if I had carefully thought about the structure of the lines. I also wanted to create a focal image for each board, something that the viewer would be instantly drawn to, compared to the chaotic look of the four chalkboards I had previously created. I wanted to use a range of different media for the focal images, such as graphite, chalk,white pastel and black pastel to add depth and create a variety of tones, as if the image is a 3D representation. I also used a putty rubber to create a glow around each focal image, to make the images appear to have importance to make the viewers recognise the markmaking aswell as wondering if it represents something which is academic. 


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