Starting point and influences. 

Continuing on from the second year at uni, I decided to keep with the science and art theme; previously I had used collage techniques to re-create biology books, they left people asking questions and wondering whether certain parts of the book were true or false, there was an element of mystery within an otherwise ordinary academic book. I decided that this was a strong subject matter that I could really delve into and create more interesting pieces of work. I like how scientific diagrams can have such powerful meanings yet they look like possible works of art. Here are a few examples of previous work that I had created.


About me. 

Hello and welcome to my website! I am a fine art and photography student at the university of Chester. I am currently in my third year at the university. Throughout this website I intend to document my work in all modules as it progresses, I will also be posting things that I get up to in my spare time that influence my art practice. Feel free to leave any comments and contact and view any of my other websites and pages.