Art and photography collaboration

When creating my photography work I wanted to create a small environment which was already there, as if the dolls were intruding the space. I went into the fine art studio and wandered around until I came across a small installation that one of the fine art students had created so I decided to ask her if I could use it to take pictures. This was a good way of combining both of our work, something which has been created as an art installation but then for me to add objects to then expand the idea for a photography project. This is something which I could consider in the future as I am currently studying both fine art and photography, combining both subjects. 


Photography Collaboration.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.29.21.png Myself and photographer Tiff Critchley (studies single honour photography) got approached by the students from fashion to take some pictures for their clothing lines that they will be using for their final submission, and to use in catalogues etc. They requested that the images would be quite natural, not too posed or staged, yet photographs that completely show the whole outfit. We had taken the images on the grounds of the military museum in chester town centre, somewhere where it was quiet and had grand architecture. This was my first time working alongside another photographer doing a combined project. I thouroughly enjoyed it and it had taught me a lot about collaboration and time management. We had a team of the fashion students that we were working with, models and a make up artist, we didn’t really know each other at first but as the day progressed we began to get to know each other and therefore we started to gain more contacts within the industry and now we are still keeping in touch with each other and therefore hopefully work on more projects together i the near future.

Live project-Exhition in a car park. 

As part of the module negotiated studio practice we have been asked to exhibit work in a car park not far from Chester town hall. I have decided to create work that has similar content to the work I have been creating in studio practice- the work is quite ambiguous; the work will not have a particular meaning, yet, the visual images will relate to the site in particular. I had the idea of creating a map/diagram which would be displayed on a large section of the wall space in the car park, I intend for it to be on a big scale, created with black paint and heavy duty marker pen. At first I was going to draw everything onto large paper and paste it onto the wall, but I decided to change my mind and seen as I am allowed to, I plan to paint directly onto the wall and give more authority to my work, and it will therefore stay there for a longer period of time (until the car park is knocked down). Here are a few ideas of the type of imagery that I am going to be displaying on the wall.The images are simple and noticeable, yet they have no particular meaning in terms of actual car parking signs, yet they look believable. I like the parts where there is just lines and and idea of a circuit or diagram.Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.19.36.png This is my finished piece for the site specific module. It takes the ideas from my experimental work; the more simplistic lines and instructions; I didn’t want to create something too detailed and confusing, I simply wanted to make something that people could clearly see from a far distance and recognise it as a car parking instruction or map, but in actual fact, it having no importance or actual representation what so ever. It was interesting when creating this work where the public where constantly, it helped me to talk about my work to people that were interested and gave me an idea of what it would actually be like and next time if I would be doing a site specific piece of artwork what particular things to be prepared for and cautious of,