Vitamin D book.

This book helped me gain knowledge within drawing, drawings has always been my strongest point within my fine art practice and I thought that it would be a good idea to research more into it. The book is also full of artists who’s work I have looked at as reference for my studio practice module. 



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Slinkachu’s work has focused both on photography and art installation. He has created “the little people project” which he remodels and paints minature model train set characters. He places them in a street, photographs them and leaves them where they are. His work involves humour and surprise. This is what I want to do when creating my photography work for the degree show. I want to use small dolls and put them in an everyday situations that people would usually encounter such as being out of the street, going to a tea party etc. I want to bring a sense of childhood and play within these images, as if the dolls are actually living as humans, like within my artwork I want people to second guess the work and come to their own conclusions of what the work represents.

Cy Twombly: Drawings

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Within my art practice, Cy Twombly has been my main source of inspiration due to the fact that he uses his art to “re-work” Greek and roman mythology; using history to create works that he is passionate about and wants to convert to a modern audience. Writings and language are also a main influence within his work, he draws from them and creates abstract pieces of art. This is exactly what I wanted to do, but instead of directly reflecting from certain bits of information, I want to create my own language that appears to actually represent something academic, yet it means no sense what so ever, using parts of the scientific imagery and scientific sources then completely tweaking the imagery and equations to make it not actually represent anything that is precise or academic but I still want people to question the meanings behind the drawings.

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The chalkboards that he created inspired me the most out of all of his works, the fact that he pysically presented a lecture and then kept to pieces of chalkboard to then be exhibited. Parts of the boards look rushed and rubbed out and crossed out but that’s what draws to my attention  when considering the style of mark making that I want to include within my chalkboards. I want my boards to appear to have had an importance, yet they actually mean nothing. I want to focus on the mark making while pushing the boundaries of making the work look believable.

Elizabeth Kealy-Morris’ exhibition.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.07.09.png This exhibiton inspired me to create my own books, to consider the whole aesthetic of the books so that the whole object becomes part of my artwork. There were a variety of different books created and different types of art forms and media used to create them. The books also inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and make consider using printmaking to create the work within the books.