Art and photography collaboration

When creating my photography work I wanted to create a small environment which was already there, as if the dolls were intruding the space. I went into the fine art studio and wandered around until I came across a small installation that one of the fine art students had created so I decided to ask her if I could use it to take pictures. This was a good way of combining both of our work, something which has been created as an art installation but then for me to add objects to then expand the idea for a photography project. This is something which I could consider in the future as I am currently studying both fine art and photography, combining both subjects. 


Ideas for my photography degree show

After creating 20 photoshoots for my photography portfolio, I decided it would be a good idea to edit down final possibilities based on the 6 images I would like to display. I have taken shoots in both a studio and outside. I even approached some art students and asked if I could take pictures of the dolls within their artwork,as if the dolls are actually interacting and within that environment, so it would be a good opportunity to collaborate and put out work together. I have decided that out of all of the photoshoots that I have done, the ones where the dolls are in an actual environment where things are going on are the ones that I will be exhibiting, because people will connect with those everyday environments and a lot more humour will be projected through the images rather than the ones staged in the studio. 

My photography work:interim exhibition

One of my main interests when creating photography work is working around the idea of objects and situations being obsured and slightly abnormal. The idea of using childish toys and domestic objects together brings a narrative of being in a real life situation but the absurdity is the fact that the subjects themself, have no life, but I can still put together the notion that something has happened and therefore the objects appear to have a purpose. It isn’t known what has happened within the situations, but that is for the viewer to decide. The different compositions change the perception of how we view these toys that children use on a daily basis. The idea of “play” can be used in a variety of ways, children play with them and they are not usually considered within a real life situation, whereas I now have created something which is more considered and airy-something which you may see in a horror film, the falling, the reflections, the binding of material around the focal point. They are objects that remain still while other things around them help to build the sense of something that’s happened and that something has occurred. I like the fact that within the photographs there is still an element of mystery, the play comes into it for me as a photographer by trying out various lighting techniques and compositions using different materials and objects to create something that appears to have happened. My motivations for creating this work is the fact that I enjoy experimenting with various compositions and allowing the objects and lighting to tell a story that the viewers can then work out for themselves, use their own imaginations. I found that by working in the studio it allowed me to consider particular lighting styles, depth of field and composition, this allowed me to be quite playful and to try out different techniques. When researching Laurie Simmons work, I found that the work that I create is similar to hers in terms of using objects to create real life situations. Particularly with her “walking objects” pieces; within these photographs she adds legs to household objects which in day to day life you would never usually encounter. But the idea of doing something like this intrigued me, for the complete obsurdity and humour, I plan to take my ideas further and explore different possibilities.¬†