Promotional Material

I want to create two separate buisness cards for both my art and photography work because my work for each subject is different so therefore I would like a different design on each business card to reflect that. For my art one, maybe create a few designs based on previous work that I have created and add my details, maybe create and include a logo. I want my photography business card to have maybe a photographic image that I have previously taken on the front with my name on it with my contact details on the back. I might also create a small catalogue or leaflet with a range of my works that I feel that have importance to my practice but are not exhibited at the degree show.



I found that by using my notes that I had from the fine art interim useful because it helped me to think of the key points within this particular piece of work. I had chosen to talk about my four chalkboards because I feel that even at an early stage leading towards the degree show, the boards completely show the direction that I want my degree show to go in, due to the language and aesthetic look of the pieces and that is what I explained whilst in the interview. Instead of bringing the boards into the interview, I had carefully photographed the boards and projected them all together onto a screen. I explained the reason why I didn’t bring my boards into the interview was because I liked the boards being exhibited along an empty wall space and if I was to take them out of that environment then they wouldn’t look as interesting. As I presented my work on the screen it brought to my attention new possibilities of presenting my work and what effect that might have on an audience.

Interview preparation-Fig Taylor

1. Do your homework-make sure that the work is relevant to the client you are showing it to.

2.content must be relevant-portfolios should say two things to the client, firstly-this is how I am stylistically speaking. Secondly-this is how you can use me.

3. Have a running order, preparation is key.  Precise and to the point.

4.Be self sufficient-if doing a digital presentation bring your own computer.

5. Don’t be self indulgent-show only work that has professional content.

Joe Magee 

Joe Magee is an award winning UK illustrator,filmmaker and artist.

He became a regular contributed of images to a range of international publications such as the Guardian, time magazine and Liberation.

He has artworks in the parmanent collections of university of the arts London and university of Bath. His films have screened at London, Edinborough and Tempere film festivals and won several prizes.

Werk no.16: Joe Magee special, 2009
Is an award-winning 376-page limited edition book containing a substantial cross-section of Joe’s visual images. This collaboration between Theseus Chan’s Singapore studio and Joe Magee is experimental and individually finished, with die-cut fold-outs pasted throughout and a spine hand-finished with used newspapers. Text and interviews are contributed by Professor Alison Harley. WERK No.16 was the winner of 2 D&AD (British Design and Art Direction) Awards for Outstanding Achievement 2009 for it’s design and images. Information about previous issues of Werk.

Werk no.16: Joe Magee special INSTALLATION in collaboration with ROCKET (Tokyo), 2008
This piece inspired me most because of the fact that there’s a lot of information to take in within the installation. You have to actually approach the piece to look closely at the drawings. The drawings don’t look like they’ve been carefully placed together, they look worn and folded but that’s what was most appealing about them to me.

How much are you worth?

Main points when working freelance-Look at all of the costs that you incur a year including lifestyle costs and then work out what you would need to make in order to meet those costs.




Council tax- £1,600

Buildings insurance-£300


Phone Broadband-£600

Minor repairs-£500


Transportation-Consider ways of transportation,e.g car bus train etc. If you drive a car consider depreciation, insurance, tax, servicing repairs and fuel.

Also consider Living expenses such as Food, clothes, entertainment, holidays.

Consider work equipment- Computer, camera equipment, scanner, printer, paper, stationery, computer ink, portfolios.

Add all of the costs together.

Decide how much time should be spent on a job given given the budget set by the client. Also if the job should require other expertise consider that within the budget.



Sharon Mossbeck


Sharon is a UK based artist who creates contemporary art cross-stitch and paintings.

Her work focuses on both death and religion.

Other influences come from medicine and history.

She also hosts workshops, curates exhibitions and gives guest talks and lectures.

She creates work based on quotes.

Her work is illustrative and striking.

“The heart of a heartless world and the soul of  soulless conditions”



Ian Lowey

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 15.09.15Ian lowey.

He completed an Ma in design and art direction at MMU.

When he’s asked what he does for a living, he struggles to give a coherent answer, it’s because he does a lot of different things which are interlinked.

Icon magazine: He has just had an article on psychedelic-era in the November issue of icon magazine. He has an article scheduled for publication sometimes in November on the aesthetics of hot rod culture.

Planet vintage girl: He undertakes social media and marketing duties for a vintage retail outlet. Also involved in a art direction role. He enjoys not being immediately able to define himself, also that he is able to apply himself to different roles to keep life interesting. By doing different projects it can lead to other opportunities and a wider creative context.

Sociological explanation: The book covers punk and psychedelic graphics, the book was written with his long-term creative partner. He drew upon research undertaken as part of an earlier project. I thought that this lecture was interesting because I like to combine various art forms to create my work and I liked hearing about how he managed his time and how one project lead to another.